"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." Mother Teresa

According to the World Health Organization there are some 900 Million people globally at the level of starvation. 18,000 people die every day because of this growing problem. This blog will highlight the areas around the world we are currently working feverishly to end these avoidable deaths and bring stories of happiness and hope for the future. Join us in creating a perpetual feeding machine that not only saves lives, but provides an income stream for you and your own family at the very same time.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Do You Believe In?

Today I took my son to the dentist. She was quite happy with the health of his teeth. He eats well and brushes as suggested so I was not surprised, but the dentist seemed to be. As the conversation went on, I learned that having healthy teeth is not something we should take for granted. This dentist taught me there are hundreds of children in our area who do not have a beautiful smile. Not because they don't brush properly but because they don't eat right.

That really got me thinking about my efforts to feed the starving children in the world. You see, many of the people I work with to achieve the goal for ending world hunger live a grand life. They eat well and have the money to take good care of themselves and their own families. But, I have been wondering about the people I don't work with. What's their story?

I really hate the saying "it takes money to make money." Now, maybe if you want to open a McDonalds franchise or buy a huge apartment complex, that's true in some circumstances. In my profession, if done correctly, that simply isn't the case. Instead of needing money to make money you need belief in yourself and your product to make money. My product is feeding children who would otherwise starve to death. How can I not believe in that? And, because I believe in it so deeply, it is easy to have belief in myself that I absolutely am making a difference. 

I am making a difference because I believe. 

What do you believe in?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Social Entrepreneur In You: Will You Save The Life Of This Child?

The Social Entrepreneur In You: Will You Save The Life Of This Child?: "Saving the life of a child has never been easier. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. A new breed of Social Good is makin..."

Will You Save The Life Of This Child?

Saving the life of a child has never been easier. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. A new breed of Social Good is making a huge impact on world hunger. The era of being a Social Entrepreneur is here and it grows stronger and stronger every day.

The feeling you get when you know you are doing social good is beyond words. What I mean by social good is doing something to make someone elses life better. They can be any where in the world. I may never ever meet them and that has no bearing on my action to help.

There are millions of people who do social good. If you give a dollar to the man you see sitting on the street corner holding a sign, you have done social good. If you buy a box of Girl Scout cookies or a box of popcorn from the Boy Scouts, you have done social good. These acts of kindness directly affect your community and you feel blessed to be able to support them. But, why stop there?

I do all those things above, but I don't stop there. I have (literally) made it my business to feed starving children. The lives I touch are no more or less important than the lives of the man on the street corner or the kids selling treats. However, just knowing a child will have a chance to live, which would not be the case, because I decided to do something, makes all the difference in the world.  

Making the decision to feed starving children is an easy one. I often wonder why more people don't jump in to help. It takes very little time and, if you share your thoughts on feeding children with others, you can build a part-time business while saving lives. So, the question remains.

Will You Save The Life Of This Child? The cost is only $90.00 and it is tax deductible. Most Americans spend money on lots of little pleasures every day. A candy bar from the check out line, a soda from the gas station, a large coffee and an over-priced pastry from the nearest coffee shop... it all adds up. Probably more than a hundred dollars a month is spent buying items that won't even make you feel healty.  

Join our cause to end world hunger. Make the decision to do social good. Make the decision to save the life of this child and many, many more. Contact me for complete details on our project by email at Gidget.Giardino@gmail.com or by calling me (Gidget Giardino) on my cell 954-873-3191 or by using social media: Twitter; @GidgetGiardino, Facebook; www.facebook.com/GidgetGiardino