"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." Mother Teresa

According to the World Health Organization there are some 900 Million people globally at the level of starvation. 18,000 people die every day because of this growing problem. This blog will highlight the areas around the world we are currently working feverishly to end these avoidable deaths and bring stories of happiness and hope for the future. Join us in creating a perpetual feeding machine that not only saves lives, but provides an income stream for you and your own family at the very same time.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

YouTube swallowed me whole!

Today I watched a video posted on YouTube by a colleague and after it finished another video popped up. So, I clicked on it and watched it too. Then I saw a title on the list off to the right that caught my eye.  And down the rabbit hole I went. Click. Again, and again I clicked. I watched a few of those. (If you've ever been on YouTube you'll know what I'm talking about.) Around 45 minutes later I came across something VERY INTERESTING.

Normally I don't read a lot of comments, but after watching this one video, which was about feeding starving children, there was a comment right below the video box that caught my eye. As I read I was shocked.

I expected to see comments like, Gee, that sounds like a great idea, Let's spread the word and make hunger a thing of the past, or Wow! How can I get involved in saving lives? Instead, what I was reading made me sad, but it also made me think. I mean REALLY think about why great programs like saving the lives of starving children don't have a profound impact on the world. 

I saw comments about helping our US soldiers after they come back from overseas. There were comments about helping the homeless, preventing abuse, curing diseases, and creating jobs. Comments about all sorts of really important issues that at this point we feel we can't change.

It is not true.
You can create positive change.
Of course, you have to push up your sleeves and get involved.

People do care. That's not the problem.

The problem is people care only about what they think is important. They don't see that by helping to "fix" this one problem of world hunger they can use their new found fortune to start work on what ever project they choose.

We have the vehicle to help you earn more money than most people do working a 40 hour a week job. The best part is you get to save lives while earning this income.

If you choose to learn how this project of creating incredible income works I'll send you the YouTube video which explains it in about 10 minutes. 
Send me an email with the subject titled: YouTube Swallowed Me Whole
to gidget.giardino@gmail.com

We are Social Entrepreneurs. We are saving lives. We make a difference.

1 comment:

  1. Gidget, aloha. When I saw this title, I immediately had to come over to see what you meant. Having followed the same path down the YouTube rabbit hole, I know exactly what you mean. Great description; very familiar with the process.

    Gidget, I have to tell you that aside from your title, you intrigue me with what you say in this post. If I can help starving children and make money too, that sounds like a win-win situation. Am I missing something? Is it really that easy?

    Off to send you an e-mail so I can receive the video. Look forward to watching it, Gidget. Thx for letting me know about this program. Aloha. Janet