"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." Mother Teresa

According to the World Health Organization there are some 900 Million people globally at the level of starvation. 18,000 people die every day because of this growing problem. This blog will highlight the areas around the world we are currently working feverishly to end these avoidable deaths and bring stories of happiness and hope for the future. Join us in creating a perpetual feeding machine that not only saves lives, but provides an income stream for you and your own family at the very same time.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goal - To Feed 4 Million Children

We have been saving lives for a long time now. Maybe I should not toot my own horn, but sometimes I just can't help it. I am proud to be a part of something so much bigger than me.
It took us over 2 years to reach the 1 Million Meal mark (Dec. 2009) and then we have gone BLASTING BY the 2 Million Meal mark just 6 months later to 3 MILLION MEALS and growing!

At the time I wrote this, our organization has fed 3,492,132 meals to children and families who would otherwise starve to death. This is a powerful project well worth joining.

Our goal is to feed at least 4 million meals by Dec. 2011. And the best part is you can actually create an income for yourself by joining us. Take a closer look. Keep an open mind.

Help us hit 4 million meals by the end of the year.
Ask me how.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don't Become Unemployed

Recently, I have seen companies, good companies, go broke and have to close their doors. Not because no one wants to do business with them, but because more and more people do not have any extra cash to spend. At the end of the month, some people find they have more bills than money to pay them with.

There is lots to be said about where our government is taking us these days. It is unfortunate that with the down economy more and more companies are busy trying to keep the lights on and are simply forced to cut their donations to charities.

What if they asked their employees to join them in donating on a regular basis to feed the severely malnourished children of the world? And, what if by joining together they could all benefit? An interesting thought.

If I worked for a company who was struggling to keep its doors open, I would rather be given the option of joining them in building a separate business instead of showing up to find out I am now unemployed. I love donating to charities anyway. What better way to keep everyone happy and make a truly positive difference in the world?

Do you know of a business that may be interested in looking at offsetting their overhead? Are you looking to earn some extra money? Do you want to save the life of a child? If you answered yes to any of these, then, we need to talk. Post a comment, give me a call or send me an email. This is what I do.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do You Give A Fish?

Ever heard the English proverb, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime?" Well, that works out great if the man lives near a stream with a good supply of fish. But, what if the man lives smack in the middle of dry land? Or, what if he is too sick to fish?
I teach people how to fish for the man who cannot fish for himself.

Imagine a perpetual feeding machine that generates the right amount of nourishment needed on a daily basis and provides it. Now,  picture yourself sending off life-saving meals today, without ever leaving your home to go to the post office, and receiving a check in the maill next week for doing nothing more than getting a few people together to do the very same thing? What if that happened month after month?

 A cause worth joining is a cause worth telling people about. 

Did you know that 18,000 people die every day because of starvation? There is a solution. We have it. This is my cause and I am proud to say that out-loud. I am a Social Entrepreneur. What are you?

"Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry."                                                                  Bill Drayton, CEO, chair and founder of Ashoka

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Financial Long-term Change

A social entrepreneur identifies and solves social problems on a large scale. Social entrepreneurs are interested in sustainable solutions that create social value. A traditional business entrepreneur must always look at their bottom-line. (Not that that is a bad thing, I was a traditional entrepreneur for more than 25 years.) A social entrepreneur looks at how a solution to a social problem provides long-term, immediate help and, at the same time, creates in income for those who take part in the solution.

Unlike traditional business entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs primarily seek to generate "social value" rather than profits. Unfortunately, the majority of non-profit organizations work is targeted only towards immediate, small-scale effects.  A social entrepreneur is focused on long-term change.

I'm sure it all sounds superficial to those who have not gotten all the facts. A more in depth look is needed by anyone who thinks this sounds too good to be true. Otherwise, you have done a grave disservice to others, and yourself.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Get It Unstuck

A social entrepreneur recognizes a part of society that is stuck and  provides a new way to get it unstuck. He or she looks at a problem that is not working and solves the problem by changing the system, and then spreading the solution and persuading the masses to take action.

I am not here to tell you that you and you alone must go out and gather hoards of people together. Rather, this project works best when you introduce this plan to a few people who, like you, choose to make a difference, and then they introduce this plan to a few more who, in turn, do the very same thing, and so on and so forth. It's a system that works.

This is not a new idea. We've only taken the steps to create a solution to one of societies problems and have created the platform for which others can take part. Get it unstuck!
"Social entrepreneurs identify resources where people only see problems. They view the villagers as the solution, not the passive beneficiary. They begin with the assumption of competence and unleash resources in the communities they're serving."
David Bornstein, author of How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas

A system that works is, indeed, a great system. We have that system. Our project is saving lives both at home and far, far away. Isn't it interesting that most of you reading this won't even think twice about it after you've clicked on to the next site? (How sad.)  But for those who, like me, believe there is a better way. I urge you to spend a few more minutes on this blog site and see what we are doing.

As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Modern-day Robin Hood

Tales of Robin Hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor are known to pretty much every American. Countless movies and television shows have been produced depicting various images of what may have happened. But... wouldn't it have been great if Robin Hood didn't have to steal to achieve his goals to help
those less fortunate?

Today there are no Robin Hoods going around shaking things up. (That's probably a good thing.) There is, however, a modern day television series that gives the Robin Hood stories a new and updated spin. I'm talking about Leverage. Now in it's fourth season, this TV series shows elaborate and masterfully designed ways of "stealing back" from the bad guys what has been taken and giving it back to the good guys. No men in tights on this show, at least not yet, but if you've ever seen an episode you get why it reminds me of a modern day Robin Hood.

Today's real-life Robin Hoods are a much better version. I'm talking about the people who choose to do social good by becoming a social entrepreneur. Instead of stealing we choose to work. We took the great idea of feeding starving children and made it even better by providing an income opportunity where you can also feed your own family at the very same time.

If you ever loved the idea of being a hero to others, but thought you just did not have enough money to make a difference, then maybe this project is for you. Maybe you will become a modern-day Robin Hood and join us in the good fight to save lives the social entrepreneurial way.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Is A Philanthropreneur

Simply put, we provide life saving meals to children who will die of starvation without our help. It would be nice if everyone could afford to feed the children without making a profit from their donation, but today the dynamics of our world has changed. 
Now more than ever we need to create income just to take care of ourselves and our own families. There are fewer and fewer jobs available and there are way more people looking to be hired than there are people being hired. It is a situation that has gotten out of control.

Being proactive in your ability to earn money is the only way out of this. If you were guaranteed to earn several hundred dollars by following a simple system, why wouldn't you? If this system included helping others to make money too, why don't you? If this same system saved the life of a child ....  will you?

Become a philanthropreneur. Do well while doing good.

A Philanthropreneur, sometimes called Social Entrepreneur, is a person who creates positive changes in the world through a business venture which promises economic gain.  

Saturday, June 11, 2011

YouTube swallowed me whole!

Today I watched a video posted on YouTube by a colleague and after it finished another video popped up. So, I clicked on it and watched it too. Then I saw a title on the list off to the right that caught my eye.  And down the rabbit hole I went. Click. Again, and again I clicked. I watched a few of those. (If you've ever been on YouTube you'll know what I'm talking about.) Around 45 minutes later I came across something VERY INTERESTING.

Normally I don't read a lot of comments, but after watching this one video, which was about feeding starving children, there was a comment right below the video box that caught my eye. As I read I was shocked.

I expected to see comments like, Gee, that sounds like a great idea, Let's spread the word and make hunger a thing of the past, or Wow! How can I get involved in saving lives? Instead, what I was reading made me sad, but it also made me think. I mean REALLY think about why great programs like saving the lives of starving children don't have a profound impact on the world. 

I saw comments about helping our US soldiers after they come back from overseas. There were comments about helping the homeless, preventing abuse, curing diseases, and creating jobs. Comments about all sorts of really important issues that at this point we feel we can't change.

It is not true.
You can create positive change.
Of course, you have to push up your sleeves and get involved.

People do care. That's not the problem.

The problem is people care only about what they think is important. They don't see that by helping to "fix" this one problem of world hunger they can use their new found fortune to start work on what ever project they choose.

We have the vehicle to help you earn more money than most people do working a 40 hour a week job. The best part is you get to save lives while earning this income.

If you choose to learn how this project of creating incredible income works I'll send you the YouTube video which explains it in about 10 minutes. 
Send me an email with the subject titled: YouTube Swallowed Me Whole
to gidget.giardino@gmail.com

We are Social Entrepreneurs. We are saving lives. We make a difference.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Do You Believe In?

Today I took my son to the dentist. She was quite happy with the health of his teeth. He eats well and brushes as suggested so I was not surprised, but the dentist seemed to be. As the conversation went on, I learned that having healthy teeth is not something we should take for granted. This dentist taught me there are hundreds of children in our area who do not have a beautiful smile. Not because they don't brush properly but because they don't eat right.

That really got me thinking about my efforts to feed the starving children in the world. You see, many of the people I work with to achieve the goal for ending world hunger live a grand life. They eat well and have the money to take good care of themselves and their own families. But, I have been wondering about the people I don't work with. What's their story?

I really hate the saying "it takes money to make money." Now, maybe if you want to open a McDonalds franchise or buy a huge apartment complex, that's true in some circumstances. In my profession, if done correctly, that simply isn't the case. Instead of needing money to make money you need belief in yourself and your product to make money. My product is feeding children who would otherwise starve to death. How can I not believe in that? And, because I believe in it so deeply, it is easy to have belief in myself that I absolutely am making a difference. 

I am making a difference because I believe. 

What do you believe in?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Social Entrepreneur In You: Will You Save The Life Of This Child?

The Social Entrepreneur In You: Will You Save The Life Of This Child?: "Saving the life of a child has never been easier. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. A new breed of Social Good is makin..."

Will You Save The Life Of This Child?

Saving the life of a child has never been easier. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. A new breed of Social Good is making a huge impact on world hunger. The era of being a Social Entrepreneur is here and it grows stronger and stronger every day.

The feeling you get when you know you are doing social good is beyond words. What I mean by social good is doing something to make someone elses life better. They can be any where in the world. I may never ever meet them and that has no bearing on my action to help.

There are millions of people who do social good. If you give a dollar to the man you see sitting on the street corner holding a sign, you have done social good. If you buy a box of Girl Scout cookies or a box of popcorn from the Boy Scouts, you have done social good. These acts of kindness directly affect your community and you feel blessed to be able to support them. But, why stop there?

I do all those things above, but I don't stop there. I have (literally) made it my business to feed starving children. The lives I touch are no more or less important than the lives of the man on the street corner or the kids selling treats. However, just knowing a child will have a chance to live, which would not be the case, because I decided to do something, makes all the difference in the world.  

Making the decision to feed starving children is an easy one. I often wonder why more people don't jump in to help. It takes very little time and, if you share your thoughts on feeding children with others, you can build a part-time business while saving lives. So, the question remains.

Will You Save The Life Of This Child? The cost is only $90.00 and it is tax deductible. Most Americans spend money on lots of little pleasures every day. A candy bar from the check out line, a soda from the gas station, a large coffee and an over-priced pastry from the nearest coffee shop... it all adds up. Probably more than a hundred dollars a month is spent buying items that won't even make you feel healty.  

Join our cause to end world hunger. Make the decision to do social good. Make the decision to save the life of this child and many, many more. Contact me for complete details on our project by email at Gidget.Giardino@gmail.com or by calling me (Gidget Giardino) on my cell 954-873-3191 or by using social media: Twitter; @GidgetGiardino, Facebook; www.facebook.com/GidgetGiardino 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 Million Meals Provided!

 3 Million Meals Provided!

It took us over 2 years to reach the 1 Million Meal mark (Dec. 2009) and then we have gone BLASTING BY the 2 Million Meal mark just 6 months later to 3 MILLION MEALS and growing!

Our collective efforts has now reached 3 Million Meals Provided since October, 2007 thanks to people like me who are purchasing the Meal Packs and focusing on creating a network of givers!

Join our team and be proud of what you contribute to this worthy cause. It is with great numbers we will see an end to world hunger.

We need you, but they children of the world need you more.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Double Your Charitable Giving By Increasing Your Income

I've been an entrepreneur my entire life. (I'll be 40 in May.) Charitable giving is part of my DNA. And, as a successful business woman, I felt it imparative to give back to the community and various charities. For more than 25 years I have made regular donations and, also, volunteered at several non-profit and not-forprofit organizations. Giving my time and money to help others has always been gratifying, filling me with a deep sense of self-worth. If you've ever volunteered then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Recently, I found a way to turn my charity work into something more. I became a Social Entrepreneur. That means the work I do helps other people in dire need, it also helps every day average people earn incredible income, and it accomplishes all that while creating an income for my family. 
Now I help triple the number of people with the same amount of effort and time spent.

My charitable giving has been able to more than double because of my involvment in this worth-while, truly amazing project. Because I earn more, I can give more. Because I work from home, I have more time to volunteer at my favorite charities. Because I help others create their own wealth, even more people are being blessed by this project for Social Good.

Take the time to learn how you can bless others while providing for your own family. It's an incredible opportunity to do some real good for real people.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Social Entrepreneur In You: Together We Make A Difference

The Social Entrepreneur In You: Together We Make A Difference: "As a social entrepreneur, doing social good is much more important than the money earned. Sure, it's nice to be able to make money while at ..."

Together We Make A Difference

As a social entrepreneur, doing social good is much more important than the money earned. Sure, it's nice to be able to make money while at the very same time feeding children who would otherwise die of malnutrition. But, our partners understand that the main reason for building a network of people dedicated to wiping out world hunger is that by reaching out to other humanitarians our goal will be achieved that much faster.

Imagine going to Cambodia, El Salvador, Africa, or some other country where the children have absolutely no way of feeding themselves. In many cases they live on the streets without parents or anyone to care for them. They are starving. You can change that.  

By joining our team of social entrepreneurs you not only can make a difference, you absolutely do make a difference. Do social good, and with your new great wealth, allocate a higher percentage of your earnings to other charities near and dear to your heart.

Together we make a difference in the lives of millions, one child at a time.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Cambodian Efforts

Thanks to the generosity of XANGO Distributors in making this program possible, XANGO has already donated more than 700,000 pounds of nourishment to those in need in Cambodia.  
  • Since the Meal Pack program launched in October 2007, XANGO Distributors have already provided almost 800,000 meals to those suffering severe malnutrition around the globe.
  • Click here to read how Meal Packs are being used efficiently in Cambodia.
  • Read about the latest trip to Cambodia by Scott Smith, Sr. VP of Distributor Relations, and Glenn and Gayla Sparks, 200K XANGO Distributors.

Saturday, January 1, 2011



Meal Packs have been distributed to provide food and medical supplies to tens of thousands in the Irrawaddy Delta, who lost their homes and livelihoods because of Cyclone Nargis.
  • Here, getting Meal Packs to the population requires bravery by volunteers, who secretely have crossed the border from Thailand to access the population.
  • One beneficiary is a father of four, who lost two children and his wife in the floods. After saving his two surviving children from the floods and reaching higher ground, the Meal Packs help nourish his family, which had been in survival mode for days.
  • Myanmar Location MapThe country is one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia, suffering from decades of stagnation, mismanagement and isolation.
  • The population of Myanmar (Burma) was approximately 55,390,000 in 2010.
  • Tens of thousands were killed or displaced by the cyclone disaster in 2008.
  • XanGo provided real help to the people of Myanmar.