"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." Mother Teresa

According to the World Health Organization there are some 900 Million people globally at the level of starvation. 18,000 people die every day because of this growing problem. This blog will highlight the areas around the world we are currently working feverishly to end these avoidable deaths and bring stories of happiness and hope for the future. Join us in creating a perpetual feeding machine that not only saves lives, but provides an income stream for you and your own family at the very same time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Modern-day Robin Hood

Tales of Robin Hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor are known to pretty much every American. Countless movies and television shows have been produced depicting various images of what may have happened. But... wouldn't it have been great if Robin Hood didn't have to steal to achieve his goals to help
those less fortunate?

Today there are no Robin Hoods going around shaking things up. (That's probably a good thing.) There is, however, a modern day television series that gives the Robin Hood stories a new and updated spin. I'm talking about Leverage. Now in it's fourth season, this TV series shows elaborate and masterfully designed ways of "stealing back" from the bad guys what has been taken and giving it back to the good guys. No men in tights on this show, at least not yet, but if you've ever seen an episode you get why it reminds me of a modern day Robin Hood.

Today's real-life Robin Hoods are a much better version. I'm talking about the people who choose to do social good by becoming a social entrepreneur. Instead of stealing we choose to work. We took the great idea of feeding starving children and made it even better by providing an income opportunity where you can also feed your own family at the very same time.

If you ever loved the idea of being a hero to others, but thought you just did not have enough money to make a difference, then maybe this project is for you. Maybe you will become a modern-day Robin Hood and join us in the good fight to save lives the social entrepreneurial way.

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